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Roads have to be durable, safe, and built to weather all sorts of conditions. Weak roads pose great risks and hazards to the users, leading to spikes in accident rates, death rates, and even repair costs.

Constructing durable roads is really not that easy, as many elements come into play. The quality of the materials used in the construction, the expertise of the construction crew, and the thickness of the layers are among the important factors that determine the quality of a road.

That is why you need an extremely reliable road construction company. You need a company that will pay the keenest of attention to the quality and longevity of the road.

That’s where we come in.

M. Riddle Excavating has over 20 years experience in road construction, repairs and maintenance, we have a vast array of standard equipment and expert team members with a knack for quality service delivery.

This means that we are able to use our resources, years of experience, and technical know-how into the successful completion of your project.

M. Riddle Excavating has completed various road construction projects for both private, public and government organizations, and we can help you too.

Road Construction With a Golden Touch

At M. Riddle Excavating, we’re ready to make your next road construction project a huge success.

Whether it’s a relatively simple structure like a sidewalk, or a more advanced project like a major highway, our team of seasoned constructors are experienced enough to take up your construction challenge.

We have constructed municipal roads, streets, highways, curbs, and more!

We are able to work under unique conditions like small work areas, traffic congestion, and the likes without any difficulty and with the utmost attention to details.

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Quality Road Repairs

Not all roads require reconstruction. We understand this, and that’s why a part of our service offering at M. Riddle Excavating is repairs on existing roads.
Road Repairs are temporary fixes for roads that are not heavily damaged. They may include road resurfacing and pothole fillings. These are a cheaper alternative to road reconstruction.

We source the best quality materials, machines and techniques, and our services are available in the whole of Kingston and surrounding area.

Road Reconstruction

Sometimes road reconstruction may be the only remedy available to a damaged road. As opposed to Road Repairs, Road Reconstruction is a more permanent fix to already existing roads.

With our high grade equipment and modern reconstruction techniques, we are able to restore roads, change the layout, and make the necessary adjustments.

Our road reconstruction services include road widening, road cutting and filing, vegetation management, pavement construction, and more.

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Our Road Work Services Also Include

At M. Riddle Excavating, we ensure that your expectations are not only met, but are also exceeded.

Why Choose M. Riddle Excavating’s Road Work Service?

When you contract M. Riddle Excavating for all your road work needs, you get:

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M. Riddle Excavating’s Road Work Services are available throughout Kingston, Ontario and surrounding area.

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