Water & Sewer Installation & Repairs

Top-Notch Water & Sewer Installation/Repairs Service in Kingston

Whether you’re building a new home or simply fixing up an older one, you have to ensure that your water and sewer lines are properly installed and given regular checks and maintenance.

If you notice abrupt increases in your water bills, waste water back flows, sewer smells or stagnant water on your property, then your water and sewer lines may need to be repaired or replaced.

When you have a water or sewer line problem, then it is time to bring in the professionals. Engaging the services of a competent and reliable technician will not only ensure an efficient and timely solution, but it will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

At M. Riddle Excavating, we specialize in all water and sewer problems. Making sure your water and sewer lines operate as they are supposed to is our top priority. Whether you are dealing with minor issues or larger ones, our team of competent technicians are ready to provide long-lasting solutions.

We offer a vast range of water and sewer related services like replacements, repairs, installations, maintenance, and inspections.

Do you have a sewer or water line problem? We can help!

Exceptional Water & Sewer Line Repairs

Have you installed your water and sewer lines? Water and sewer lines are fixtures expected to last for a long time – but they do not and cannot last forever. You’ll need to maintain and make repairs to them from time-to-time. And even more, you’ll also need professional help.

At M. Riddle Excavating, we have state-of-the-art tools and methods at our disposal for fixing your sewer and water line problem.

Do you have a water or sewer line problem? Don’t know the cause or the origin? No problem! We use ultra modern tech to pinpoint problem areas that need repairs. We do this to help you save the money that you would have wasted trying to replace the entire sewer or water line.

The best part is that we handle the repairs without having to desecrate your yard. Advanced techniques like pipe bursting enables us to install water and sewer lines on your property, while keeping the digging to a minimum.

Superb Water and & Sewer Line Replacement Service in Kingston, Ontario

Not all faulty sewer or water lines can be repaired. Sometimes, due to certain forces, they are irreparably damaged. In these cases, you’d have to totally replace the lines.

M. Riddle Excavating offers the best water and sewer lines replacement service you can find. We make use of quality materials guaranteed to stand the test of time. But even more, we handle every replacement task with unrivaled professionalism.

Need to replace that water line? Perhaps your sewer line is damaged beyond repair? Talk to us! We can help you replace them!

World-class Water & Sewer Line Installation Services

When you want to build a new house, or revamp an existing one, you need the services of a qualified sewer and water line installer.

Our installation services at M. Riddle Excavating features superior workmanship, high-grade materials, and a regard for building codes, health regulations and budgetary requirements.

Our team of seasoned employees use traditional installation techniques to carry out water and sewer lines installations for individuals, businesses, or cities.

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